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Telephone: 01785 224552     Mobile: 0788 4433851

Email: enquiries@steadblast.co.uk

Welcome to Steadblast Ltd. We specialise in sandblasting, gritblasting and shotblasting specialists, and will travel to any location within the UK.

Our comprehensive and cost-effective mobile sandblasting solutions are offered across the nation.

We can remove unwanted coatings, rust, grime, scale, etc. from many different surfaces, ranging from brickwork, masonry, concrete and stonework to wood, glass, steel, iron and aluminium. In addition, we’re also able to etch designs and lettering, or deliver various surface profiles and render a uniform finish, as required.

Sandblasting, Gritblasting and Shotblasting specialists

We use a variety of blasting machines, including standard sandblasting pot, soda-blasting pot, cabinet sandblaster and Sat-blast (a Farrow-type machine which mixes sand and water to deliver delicate dust-free cleaning at extremely low pressures).

We use many different abrasives, such as glass, sand, grit, iron shot or bead, bicarb of soda, aluminium silicate, and garnet – each customised to perform a particular sand blasting application.

Steadblast has also expertise in etching letters or shapes into stone, concrete, marble or glass surfaces. Kindly visit this section for more information on our etching process.

Whether it is sand, grit, soda or shot blasting, prior knowledge and experience play an important role. We have years of experience in handling all sizes of projects in both domestic and commercial sectors. From 3 hour job to 3 month contract, our professionals can complete your work in a quick, affordable and professional manner. Steadblast can spray apply paint and other coatings using airless spray or brush and roller as well.

We hope you will find our website informative and interesting. Please give us a call or send an email with your enquiry.

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